About What Grows On in Rhode Island

What Grows On in Rhode Island aims to be the most comprehensive listing of "green" events in Rhode Island so that EVERY resident can quickly and easily find out about ANY public event "growing on," so to speak, in Rhode Island.

Hundreds of groups organize environmental events, and it's time consuming to find the scattered information. The Providential Gardener is finding ways to streamline timely access to meeting notices, making it easy to see what fits in your personal schedule.

The Scoop on the Scope:

What Grows On in Rhode Island Calendar lists an amazing range of environment-related events for Rhode Islanders. See What's Listed in "What Grows On in Rhode Island"? for details.

How to List your Environmental Events:

It's FREE, EASY and BEST to add your own meeting notice through the ADD YOUR EVENT form. That way you'll be sure your event will be listed, and it will be worded as you want it. We receive so many meeting notices and/or press releases, brochures, and email newsletters that we simply can't always get around to entering them all. We'd really like your event(s) listed so please use the Add Your Event form which has more details.

We do like to get all your mailings, though, because we're working on ways to simplify information access, so keep sending all of  them along to [email protected]

How to Contact The Providential Gardener:

Sue Korté can be reached via email, phone (401-273-6678), and snailmail: (PO Box 2556, Providence, RI 02906).

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