Edible Forests, Dividing Lillies, and Much More

Another way to think about trees: as sources of food for us -- not just the squirrels.

It takes a while for trees to mature. So it still requires some imagination to envision a "forest" near the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center in Providence... but that's what it is. And it's not just a plain old forest but an edible forest, with nut and fruit trees for the picking some day.

Channel 10 is home to the Plant Pro video series, which is hosted by the URI Outreach Center's Sejal Lanterman. You can see recent 3-minute spots at the TurnTo10 website on such topics as Dividing Lillies, Radishes, and Pruning Rhododendrons. The most recent video (August 18) shows this Edible Forest and the Community Garden in Roger Williams Park. There is a lot going on there -- workshops, demos, and such. And the garden and forest are growing...

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