Knock Down Knotweed along the Blackstone!


It all looks so lush and green, but the clump of knotweed is just a little bit of this very tenacious and invasive plant along the Blackstone River. The problem (or rather, one problem) with invasives like this is that they crowd out native plants, which significantly changes habitat, depriving the native insects and animals of food and nesting places. 

The Friends of the Blackstone River meet on the third Saturday after the third Wednesday (that is, next meetup is August 24, 2013) at their Environmental Center in Manville (Lincoln) to wage war on acres of knotweed that surround the area near the river. They seek individuals and groups that will adopt sections of the invasion and return to cut the knotweed down several times during the year. Several sections are currently being knocked down, but there's a lot more to do!

The Friends of the Blackstone also take people out on the river on these third Saturdays to monitor the conditions near the Environmental Center, pick up trash, and introduce people to the beauties of the Blackstone.

Come join them!

Due to the nature of wilderness cleanups, it is recommended volunteers wear long sleeves/long pants to protect from any irritating plant life.

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