Do you own or manage farmland or forest land in Rhode Island?

Attention Farmers and Forest Landowners-Third Ranking Period Announced to Provide Technical and Financial Assistance for FY 2014 Funds

Third Ranking Period Announced to Provide Financial and Technical Assistance to farmers and forest landowners- August 15 Application Deadline.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is announcing a third ranking period for the availability of financial and technical assistance for private agricultural land and private forestry or woodland owners in Rhode Island.  Funding is available under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). ….

  The financial and technical assistance will assist private land owners to address farm, field, forest, wildlife, water and/or plant management issues including:

• Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans
• Erosion Control
• Fencing
• Forestry Management Plans-improve natural resources and potentially reduce real estate taxes
• Forest Stand Improvement
• Grazing Plans
• Irrigation Systems
• Pasture and Hayland Planting
• Pollinator Habitat-increase crop yields
• Woodland Thinning
• Protections for Heavy Use Areas
• Riparian Buffers
• Seasonal High Tunnels-extend growing season
• Waste Storage Facilities
• Wildlife Habitat


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