Tree Survey Intern Positions

From my email:

Six interns will be hired for 20 hrs/wk @ 10/hr to work on a tree survey in Providence.

For folks who cannot commit to at least 20 hours per week, but would like to volunteer to help unpaid, Doug Still, the City Forester, would love to have them onboard and would train them as well. 

"The City of Providence's Forestry Division manages approximately 25,000 street trees within Providence, as well as all City park trees. Forestry’s duties include tree pruning, planting, dead tree and stump removal, and answering citizen requests involving public trees.  The City Forester sets policy, initiates urban forestry initiatives, and enforces the tree protection and canopy cover requirements outlined in the City Tree Ordinance and the City Zoning Ordinance.  The i-Tree Eco study is an effort to scientifically understand the structure of the City’s urban forest, and to quantify the environmental benefits it provides. 

Tree Survey Intern Duties

  • With a partner, study and record information about public and private trees in assigned neighborhoods. 
  • In random plots provided by the City Forester, record plot location; tree species, diameter, height, spread, and canopy density; and information about the surrounding space and infrastructure.
  • Use and maintain survey maps, forestry measurement tools, record information on smart phones. 
  • Training will include tree identification, survey and measurement techniques, and use of i-Tree software on smart phones.


  1. High School Graduate.  College coursework in environmental studies, horticulture, or forestry is preferred.  An interest in learning about trees and environmental science is assessed favorably. 
  2. Good organization and analytical skills.  
  3. Proficiency with computers or technology.
  4. Personal vehicle and valid driver license required.
  5. Ability to work independently.

Mail a resume and letter to Douglas Still, City Forester, 1000 Elmwood Ave, Providence, RI  02905   -   or email to [email protected]

Ed. note: I participated in the tree survey several years ago as a volunteer. Very interesting and fun! - sk

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