Your Woods, Chainsaws, and You

This reminds me of my father-in-law who owned an acre or so of woodlands and almost did himself in with his chainsaw….. Took months to recover….

The Northern RI Conservation District workshop on Caring for Your Woods is this Tuesday, August 27, at Scituate High School where there is a demonstration forest. Topics include chainsaw safety and techniques, woods trail creation and marking trees for harvest. 

This is one of a series of workshops NRICD is offering in the next three months. The others are "What Tree is That? on September 10, and "Firewood Soup to Nuts & Enhancing Wildlife Habitat" on October 1.

If you love trees, you should check out the RI Tree Council's Tree Stewards course, which begins September 3rd -- hey, that's the week after next!

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